Tips for a successful job application

Here at Dynamic Logistics, we like to keep things simple. We have, therefore, made applying for a job with us as easy as possible. Apply by WhatsApp or enter your details on the form. We will get in touch to see what job would be the best fit for you.

And if we’ve invited you to come in for an interview, you’re on the right track! But how do you prepare for the interview with us? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with our tips for a successful job application.

#1: Tell us about yourself

Anyone can get a job with us, so it’s less important to us what school you went to or what degree you have. What we do find important? Who you really are. So, don’t hesitate to tell us that fly fishing is your favourite hobby. That you train the under 8s at your local football club on Tuesday evenings. Or that you binge watch a complete series on Netflix every weekend. That’s much more interesting to us.

#2: Ask questions

A job interview is not a one-way street. Put us through the mill! After all, you have to like us as well. Don’t be afraid, but show an interest and ask questions, we love that! It tells us that you prepared for the interview and/or that you are eager to find out more about our great company.

#3: Take advantage of our flexibility

A question that always comes up during a job interview is, ‘How many hours do you want to work?’ Answer this question honestly. Are you looking for a part-time job because you have a family at home to look after? Or do you want to combine your job with school? We are flexible, so just take advantage of that. Besides, your contract hours can always be scaled up or down. And if you want to work or keep working on a zero-hour basis, you can!

#4: Share your ambitions

We love ambitious people. If you already have your career path plotted out for yourself, do tell us all about it. We will then hopefully be able to give you scope to take the steps you want to take. We do not offer standard training and courses, but we will engage with you to chart a development path for you. Not super ambitious? No problem. As long as you feel you are in the right place, we’re happy.

Hopefully, these tips have put you in pole position to crush your job interview. Will we see you soon?

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