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Dynamic Logistics has been the number one logistics service provider in the Netherlands’ Achterhoek region for nearly twenty years. Whatever logistical challenge a customer faces, we have the solution.

Finishing touch

Every day, our 120 employees handle a diverse range of orders. We label and package products to prepare them for dispatch and sale in a shop or online. We also take care of shipping from and to the buyer. You can basically see us as a product’s last stop before it hits the shelf. Delivering a product that does justice to the brand’s image is simply a given for us. That’s why we chose Your finishing touch as our slogan.

But there is more. We also help companies with their order processing, returns handling and stock storage needs. By joining forces, we are able to respond flexibly to virtually every customer request. That’s what makes us so strong.

Satisfied employees and satisfied customers

As a logistics service provider, we are always on the move, but we never lose sight of what’s important. Satisfied employees, for example, because that’s just as important to us as satisfied customers. We do everything we can to make sure our people enjoy coming in to work every day. By offering flexible working hours, for example, by giving our people scope to pursue personal development, and by rewarding loyalty.

We are based in Gelderland province’s logistical hotspot: ’s-Heerenberg. With over 4,000 m2 of production space, our building really stands out in the Achterhoek countryside. Whether you come to work by bike or car, there are more than enough parking spaces right outside the front entrance.

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