Holiday workers

Making money and working with your friends!

Always have part of the month left over at the end of your salary? That’ll never happen if you work at Dynamic Logistics. We give you plenty of opportunities to adapt your working hours to your daily life. Looking for cash and having a holiday coming up? Simply work a few extra hours. At Dynamic Logistics, you’ll make enough to buy all your friends a round. We’re sure they won’t mind!

Why join us?

  • Work hours that suit you
  • Always possible to work more hours
  • Make more than you would in a supermarket job
  • Work on cool brands

At Dynamic Logistics, the work is pleasant. You work with clean and lightweight consumer items from great brands. These include health & beauty products, sports gear, and fashion. No need, therefore, to literally get your hands dirty! And feel free to bring your friends, we’ve got plenty of jobs available.

Work to do

At Dynamic Logistics, there is always sufficient work to do in the production area or in our warehouse. Feel free to come over to meet us, we’ll sit down with you to see which job would be right for you. And if you bring any of your friends, we’ll reward you all with a night out on us!

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