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Your day is off to a good start...

…when you walk into the building in ‘s-Heerenberg at 7.45am. After clocking in and greeting your colleagues, you walk over to your workplace. Time for action, because the pick orders are already waiting for you. You have a busy day ahead of you. The EPT and scanner are your right hand. After you’ve made sure you’re clocked in on the right order, you can really get started. The scanner tells you exactly where you need to go and how many items to pick. You scan the box to complete the first line and then it’s on to the next one! Within no time, your pallet is done. After putting it away, you grab a new one to complete the whole order. Super, the order is ready, but you don’t have time to pat yourself on the back. You still have to complete the wrapping process. You return the slips to your team leader and tell him where you put the pallets you filled. On to the next orders!

After the break...

One of the pallets you prepared earlier today has to be readied for dispatch. You attach the customer labels to the right box, so that the customer will know exactly what’s in each box. In the meantime, a new shipment has come in. You put the products neatly in the warehouse and update the information in the system. This way, we can notify the customer that we have received the goods and where they are in our warehouse. After doing a few more orders, it’s already 5 o’clock. Your work day is done. The time has flown by! Onwards to tomorrow, because there will be new orders waiting for you to process.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Great! Because we’re completely ready for you. Do you have experience in the logistics industry and with order picking and using a Zebra scanner? And if you know your way around Excel, Word, and Windows and how to operate an EPT or OPT system and a reach truck, we are even more convinced that you are exactly who we’re looking for. If you don’t quite know everything yet, that’s not a problem. We’ll be happy to teach you!

If you have any questions after reading this vacancy, Carmen Junggeburt will be happy to answer them. Use the contact details below to get in touch with her. Want to apply right away? Please do! Fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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