Assistant production manager

Full-time MBO
Gekopieerd Solliciteren

Good morning!

At 07.45 you step into the building in ‘s-Heerenberg. A new, busy day awaits you. You are looking forward to it, because you can feel the energy of your colleagues. Together, you are going to make today a great day.
As assistant production manager, you manage your colleagues in the production department, you give them instructions and you know how to motivate them time and again. You are responsible for ensuring that they do their work properly. By carrying out occasional checks, you check the quality, paying attention to:

  • The position of the sticker on the article;
  • The correct numbers in the box;
  • The correct assortment in the box;
  • Whether the information on the box matches the contents.

Do you find a difference? Then you instruct and advise the production employee in question. In any case, you perform checks during and after every order, so that you can be sure that our products really leave our warehouse in optimal condition.
But you also help yourself in the production. You manually pack articles, price and label them and then sort and assemble them. And those articles? They are very diverse! One moment you see clothes passing by, while not much later you are full of Christmas items. You love that diversity. It’s no surprise then that the morning flies by.

Time for a break first!

At Dynamic Logistics we use three breaks: a morning break, a lunch break and an afternoon break. This gives you time to take a breather and catch up with your colleagues, because the mutual atmosphere is important to us!

After the break

You make sure that your colleagues always have enough to do. In order not to let the work stop, you fetch new pallets of products from our warehouse. And pallets with products that are ready to be shipped, you bring them back to your colleagues in the warehouse. In between, you make sure the production area stays tidy and safe, so everyone can do his or her job well.
In the afternoon, displays of care products have to be built and filled for a well-known client. Together with your colleagues, you ensure that these displays are ready before your working day is over. The afternoon flies by! On to tomorrow, where new orders are waiting for you. But first you go home to recharge for a new day.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Beautiful! Because we are ready for you. Are you responsible and do you breathe quality? Do you work efficiently and accurately and do you dare to point out mistakes to your colleagues? Then we are fully convinced of your abilities. Especially when you also have a few years of work experience.

Do you have any questions regarding this vacancy? Carmen Junggeburt will be happy to answer them. You can reach her via the contact details below. Apply directly? Gladly! Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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