The faces behind Dynamic Logistics | Herbert Kock

19 March 2022

Herbert Kock has been Dynamic Logistics’ Warehousing and IT Manager for five years now. That no day is ever the same for him becomes clear when we talk to him. With great enthusiasm, he talks about his tasks, the challenges that cross his path, and the opportunities that are to come. High time, therefore, that we got to know this logistical all-rounder.

‘I know Ton and Arthur (Dynamic Logistics’ owners, ed.) personally. Six years ago, they asked me to implement and manage a warehouse management system (WMS, ed.) at Dynamic Logistics. The request came at exactly the right time in my life, as I was looking for a job closer to home. I’ve been working in logistics and transport for twenty years now and have been involved in various aspects of logistics, ranging from warehousing to transport planning and logistics system management.’

Going deeper in the work

The experience he gained in his previous jobs is a valuable resource that he frequently draws on at his new employer in ‘s-Heerenberg. ‘At Dynamic Logistics, I joined the workers in various steps in the logistics chain and in various processes.’ The relocation to the new building around two-and-a-half years ago in particular posed a great challenge for Herbert. ‘I provided input for the physical layout of the warehouse and designed the new processes. Aligning our internal processes with those of our customers, that’s where my focus lies.’

Logistical challenge

Whoever thinks that Herbert could sit back and relax after designing the new processes is mistaken. ‘The systems are updated every year. And it is important to support colleagues in using the system. IT never stands still, meaning that we have to continuously work to update to the latest version. And we have to make interfaces with the ordering system that we developed in partnership with Exapps and that our customers use. Integrating the new systems is what I really loved doing. Especially now it’s all up and running.’

‘The click is there’

Herbert is not only enjoying the work itself, he also finds the workplace atmosphere and the way operations are managed as appealing as ever. ‘Dynamic Logistics truly is a dynamic company. The lines of communication are very short here. For our customers, we do whatever it takes. We simply make sure the job gets done. You can really feel that the whole team stands for that. I hope to be able to work here for many years to come. The click is there on all fronts, and that makes working here very enjoyable.’

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