The faces behind Dynamic Logistics | Eerko Fissering

19 May 2022

‘I worked at the same company for 23 years, so working at Dynamic Logistics took some getting used to for me. Not the work in itself, but rather the organisational approach. I used to work at a sheltered workshop, which is very different. But I settled in quickly here. I only have six or seven years to go until retirement, so when I told my family and friends that I was changing jobs, they had all kinds of questions. For me, however, it was a logical step. What I want first and foremost is to enjoy my job, and I certainly get that enjoyment at Dynamic Logistics. I haven’t regretted my decision for a second,’ Eerko says enthusiastically.

People person

Eerko gets his job satisfaction mainly from contact with his customers. ‘I’m in contact with people all day, my phone is always on. Customers know and appreciate that. I thoroughly enjoy being there for them. That’s certainly not challenging for me,’ Eerko says laughingly. ‘I’m a real people person and perhaps I’m just old school like that. I like talking to people, looking them in the eye. That’s when you really build a relationship with a customer, which makes working together pleasant for both parties.’

Transparent system

‘Why customers like working with Dynamic Logistics, you ask? I think it’s mainly because of the people who work here, and also because we keep lines of communication short and deliver quality. We can really make life easier for customers. From packaging and repackaging to organising returns and logistics. Many customers get their products from very far away. We can even receive shipping containers and organise the associated process to perfection. Thanks to the effective administrative system we have in place, not only we, but also our customers know exactly where the products are. The process is also very quick and logical; we’ve really put some thought into it. Without compromising on quality, because quality is always important. Our quality assurance system, too, which also allows us to upload photos and share them with customers, goes down well with customers,’ Eerko explains.

Social responsibility

At Dynamic Logistics, careful thought goes into everything, as Eerko has meanwhile found out. This also goes for the company’s partnerships. ‘We are very committed to our social responsibility here at Dynamic Logistics. The company has been collaborating with sheltered workshops for some time, but since my arrival and because of my experience, these collaborations have been stepped up. It also goes well with what we’re about. Arthur and Ton (Dynamic Logistics’ owners, ed.) are there for their workers. I can’t praise them highly enough for that. I’m very happy to be part of this club.’

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